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Mr. Rajveer Singh

We are a prominent rehabilitation centre in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh & Jammu Kashmir for drug/alcohol addicted patients at reasonable cost under the supervision of Mr. Rajbir Singh (Managing Director & Founder).

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Rehabilitation Centre in India

New Generation Care Foundation is one the best Rehabilitation Centre in India which provides individualised, cutting-edge programmes that are recognised for their brilliance on a global scale. We are totally committed to giving anyone who has a drug or alcohol addiction the best care possible. Working with the mind, body, and spirit is part of our holistic approach, which aims to completely change patients' behaviour and attitudes and set them on the path to a fulfilling life.

A place to stay while undergoing on-site addiction treatment is provided by an inpatient drug Rehabilitation centre in India. Since it keeps them away from triggers in their daily life, inpatient treatment is the best choice for the majority of patients. Inpatient institutions can take many different forms, from the residential setting of a posh treatment centre to the sterile setting of a hospital. Many of them fall somewhere in the middle, fostering a cozy environment to make guests who are recovering feel comfortable. The benefit of inpatient addiction therapy is that it fully immerses the patient in the healing process. Their entire operation is geared on recovery. Through regular counselling sessions and sober leisure time, they learn to replace substance abuse with healthier habits.

Effective Method

We are among top Rehabilitation centre in India for drug addiction thanks to our strategy. Our Rehabilitation centre in India generally adheres to the Twelve Step programme, encouraging deep introspection, research, healthy living, and exercise while forbidding the use of alcohol and other drugs. The steps are based on the Twelve Steps of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous), but we support a generally accepted secular approach to account for varied religious ideas and individuals who are atheists and agnostics. Additionally, we incorporate yoga and meditation into our programme.

Experienced and Qualified staff

We have an energetic group of medical professionals. The top doctors and authorities in the fields of addiction and behavioral health make up our team. At our facility, clinical psychologists, residential counsellors, cognitive behaviour therapists, hypnotherapists, dialectical behaviour therapists, expressive-art therapists, yoga-mindfulness instructors, fitness instructors, nutritionists, and residential nursing staff are all available throughout the day. Internationally trained consultant psychiatrists are also present.

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